s-promise GmbH can look back on almost 15 years of successful cooperation with Deutsche Telekom AG, providing services in the field of public administration for the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Project SAP implementation, 10/04 – 02/05
Reference by Project Manager Ministry of Finance (200 MA), dated 15/02/2005

“[…] The success of the consultant and his services are based on his great personal commitment, his very good knowledge of SAP development as well as his professional competence in the areas of budget execution, budget planning, state budget accounting and controlling. We have always been extremely satisfied with his performance in every respect. Thanks to his high level of commitment and competence, he was able to meet the demanding tasks at all times. His behavior toward project staff and superiors was also always exemplary, and his helpfulness led to positive and successful cooperation at all times.”

Project SAP Implementation, 10/01 – 03/03
Reference by subproject manager Ministry of Finance (200 MA), dated 03/19/03

“[…] In this function, the consultant, with his profound system-technical knowledge, made a considerable contribution to the development of conceptual solutions for the implementation of the client’s requirements. In particular, his ability to present the technical requirements with the system-technical conditions in clear, comprehensible graphic representations was extremely goal-oriented and efficient. This contributed significantly to the realization of the double budget in SAP ISPS without fundamental modifications. In his daily work, the consultant was always ready to discuss questions and problems with the client, even in hectic project phases. With his calm and relaxed manner and his efficient and very conscientious way of working, alternative solutions were presented to the client and concrete proposals for implementation were made. Thereby the necessary technical decisions of the AG were considerably supported. In particular, his careful, precise developments contributed to the quality of the project status achieved in the budget planning subarea. From the AG’s point of view, it would be very welcome if the consultant could take over further tasks in the project NSI beyond the area of budget planning of the amount part.”